It is hard to find a single device stereo solution that offers all you can dream of. The Cocktail Audio X35 on review here doesn’t offer that either since you -luckily – still need a set of loudspeakers. But for the rest it has about any function I could dream up.

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Nguồn Youtube: Cocktail Audio X35 Amp, MQA DAC, Streamer and more

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23 thoughts on “Cocktail Audio X35 Amp, MQA DAC, Streamer and more

  1. Markus von Kienlin says:

    Dear Hans,

    Very informative video, as usual. It has inspired me to get a X35, and I am very pleased with it. There were two issues worth noting: I am plan to install a Roon Rock server, I bought the X35 without an internal disk. It turns out that without an internal disk, you cannot even update the firmware. Thus I added an Intel 2.5" SSD into the X35, and again, this wasn't without trouble: the disk wouldn't slide into the connector. I had top open the lid of the X35 and losen the internal connector to make it fit. Now everything seems to be fine.

    Best regards,

  2. K says:

    I just dropped a TON of money on an pre-pro and powerful amplifier. I really don't need a unit like this with a built in amp. Speaking for all the real audio people that already own amplifiers, can you, for the love of God, PLEASE review the X40??? (which is does not have the built in amplifier). Thank you.

  3. James Laidler says:

    I don't particularly care too much about FM radio and phono inputs. Not even particularly fussed about an amplifier. I like the disc drive, though would prefer tray/top loading (I own 3 inch CDs). Do you know of anything on the market, past or present, which is like that?

  4. Gilbert says:

    Thks for the great review. How does it compare with the Bluesound Vault 2 in terms of sound quality? If I intend to hook it up to my pre-power amps (which would bypass the x35 internal amps) , would you recommend that the Mytek Brooklyn Dac+ be a better option?

  5. Sam Jak says:

    Hi Hans,like your review’s,always interesting,prompt and educationally great as well…Thanks, Sir HansOriginally I was interested in x40(without amp)
    Q:Sir Hans you mentioned that x45 (will be follow or to be released)..??? How credible info you have new x45 is going to be released or is that your guess only.?? Thanks.

  6. Victor Orozco says:

    Great review as usual, nice piece of hardware but a little pricey, the sony HAP-S1 offer higher built quality for about half the price, no way for me tp judge the audio quality since I have not listened to the cocktail audio x35.
    Thank you !

  7. Patricia says:

    Great review. Looks like a quality piece of hifi. In UK only Amazon is selling something similar by the same manufacturer, x50 at £2030 or there is a cd ripper and media streamer and amp in a tiny package – x12 for £599.
    That has the same colour screen as in your video I believe. Seeing it in action is really convincing. I use squeezebox and am used to using my initiative to rip my music cds.. But for the first time I am considering taking a consumer appliance, an all in one device that would remove several boxes from the hifi shelves.

  8. Ed Incleve says:

    Hi Hans
    Thanks for your usual excellent review. "The sound quality is in the realm of my setup 2".
    I assume you speaking of the speaker output. Did you try sending the Analog Out to your power amplifier, and/or did you try the Digital Out to your own DAC?

  9. Pim Van Loenen says:

    Hans, how about the capabilties of the streaming part, like Tidal with their Master MQA albums and Qobuz with 60.000 hi-res albums streaming with a Sublime+ account, that's magic! How stand the soud of Cocktail against Aurender and Auralic streaming devices?

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