This SCP Foundation wiki reading covers the various groups of interests in the SCP universe! Learn about the serpents hand, the Chaos Insurgency, Marshall Carter and Dark, the Global Occult Coalition (GoC) and other organizations that are apart of the SCP Foundation universe!

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Doppio Cappello Dell’Alto Rappresentante Per Gli Affari Esteri E La Politica Di Sicurezza, Doppio Cappello Dell’Alto Rappresentante Per Gli Affari Esteri E La Politica Di Sicurezza, Doppio Cappello Dell’Alto Rappresentante Per Gli Affari Esteri E La Politica Di Sicurezza


  1. Akuello The Judge Of Gods

    It's ironic cause the broken god actually wants good stuff for humanity so bringing them back might actually help the foundation lol
    (It saved everything from being destroyed by sealing/breaking itself)

  2. pøpff7

    If you wanna learn about teams well here's ya list (Scottish accent jk):

    Class-D (CD) : A prisoner who has been guilty of something majorly threathening.

    Class-E (CE): A Class-D that misbehaved and is sent to solitary confinement.

    Foundation Personnel (FP): Normally, this is the most original team of the SCPF Teams, MRs+ mostly join FP, some join AD.

    Engineering and Technical Department (E&T): They will make sure the facilities' utility is balanced, they fix power outages.

    Medical Department (MD): They are responsible for maintaning the health of the site.

    Scientific Department (ScD): They test CDs on SCPs which is safe, euclid, keter, thaumiel, escorted by armed personnel (like SD and MTF).

    Security Department (SD): They guard the Class-D Cells Zone (CDCZ) and escort in tests, but SDs will be terminated if they enter S-III, since the team is prohibited to enter.

    Mobile Task Force (MTF): They are responsible to maintain the facility externally and internally, there are 2 normal MTF teams, Nu-7, B-7.

    Intelligence Agency (IA): They will give [REDACTED] information to ISD, meaning they often sometimes supervise.

    Internal Security Department (ISD): They recieve [REDACTED] information from IA, they also supervise for maintaining the internal safety of the facility.

    Rapid Response Team (RRT): When something goes wrong, not even MTF can handle, this is where this team comes in, they will wedge on "The Administrator" or O5-1.

    Administrative Department (AD): Responsible to have supervision on the site, they're clearance is very high and classified.

    O5 Council: They can reach about 15 councils, you will become a council if you are a overseer to a team, the highest team of all.

    O5-X: The [REDACTED] O5 Council.

    O5-Head: The head of O5 Councils, only chosen when elected in O5 Head Elections when a O5-Head retires.

    O5-1: Also known as "The Administrator", he is the most major and serious person of the facility.

  3. dark509boy

    I wonder if there really is an Islamic organization related to SCP? and how's that Well, my greetings to you from the Middle East. Your channel is great and I am very interested in SCP
    God bless you

  4. Me

    Way too much redacted content like way too much the occasional name or address is cool but multiple just takes away from how good the story or SCP can be.

  5. Wilma Perkins

    closest thing to this ive ever played as a game was the secret world were all myths held truth and countless factions of the supernatural with the big three being the british based templars which would be the GOC the illumanti basically the MCD in america and the chinese order of the Dragon being the choas insurgency if they were weird Spirtual choas monks

  6. Hey

    My comparisons:
    GOC: Nazis
    UIU: Men in Black
    Chaos Insurgency: The Sith Upon further contemplation, I have changed my comparison to Talon on account of backstory.
    Serpent's Hand: Team Plasma
    Dr. Wondertainment: Willy Wonka, obviously.
    Nobody: Author of the Journals
    Prometheus Labs: Mann Co.
    MC&D Ltd: The elites in any dystopian future.

  7. T Smith

    Promethan labs are a rouge agencies from my point of view, but I have to say I support GRU division P I can understand why they don't want to surrender I mean look at their history they can never give up so "FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!!" .