Install Windows easily without the need for USB, DVD, using WinToHDD.

WinToHDD is an innovative software application that allows users to install the Windows operating system without the need of a USB or DVD.

Typically, when installing Windows 10 or Windows 7, we rely on a USB or DVD that contains the installation files for the respective operating system. However, if the USB encounters an issue or the DVD is not recognized by the computer’s drive, or perhaps you wish to streamline the Windows reinstallation process, then WinToHDD is the ideal solution.

This tool facilitates the process of installing a new or parallel Windows operating system on a computer. Users simply need to have the ISO file of the desired operating system, and WinToHDD will directly initiate the installation process on the computer’s hard drive. WinToHDD can be used for installing either Windows 10 or Windows 7.

The following article will instruct you on how to use the WinToHDD software to install the Windows operating system. Before beginning the process of reinstalling Windows, it is crucial for users to back up all of their data.

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Step 1:

To begin, the initial step involves downloading the ISO file of the desired operating system which you intend to install. Afterwards, please save it on drive D or drive E. Following this, proceed to download and install the WinToHDD software through the provided link.

  • Download software WinToHDD

Step 2:

We continue with the installation of WinToHDD on the computer. On the initial interface, we select “choose language to install software” in English.

Select the WinToHDD installation language

Step 3:

Please mark the box “I agree to the agreement” to indicate your acceptance of the WinToHDD installation terms.

Agree to the terms of installation of WinToHDD

Step 4:

Once the new interface is enabled, we have the option to modify the installation directory of WinToHDD by selecting “Browse”, or alternatively, we can skip this step and click on “Next”.

Select WinToHDD installation directory

Step 5:

Finally, click Next… Install to initiate the installation process for the WinToHDD tool.

Click Install

Step 6:

This is the interface of the WinToHDD software on the computer. The software provides the user with four options. “Reinstall Windows” allows for the reinstallation of the Windows operating system. “Reinstall on 1 partition” enables the installation of a new Windows operating system on a single partition. “Make system partition clone” allows for the cloning of the system partition, which is useful when transferring the operating system from one hard drive to another. “Create a USB to install multiple operating systems” enables the creation of a USB device that can be used to install multiple operating systems.

WinToHDD . interface

Step 7:

To continue with the reinstallation of the Windows operating system on your computer, please select the “Reinstall Windows” option.

Fresh install Windows

Then click on the next folder icon to locate the Windows installation ISO file.

Open the ISO file

Step 8:

Once you have imported the ISO file into the WinToHDD interface, the software will verify and show you the Windows version available in the ISO package for you to select, if any. After that, click on “Continue” below to proceed.

Select the OS version to install

Step 9:

The software will automatically determine the system partition for installation, or you have the option to select it yourself. After that, click on “Next”.

Select the installation partition

Step 10:

A message will appear asking for permission to download and install WinPE software. Please click “Yes” to agree.

Build WinPE

Step 11:

Then we will be prompted to choose whether to let WinToHDD reboot the computer and reinstall the Windows operating system. Click Yes to proceed with the Windows reinstallation.

Restart the computer

When the computer is restarted, the software will automatically extract and execute the content from the installed ISO file. The following operations will proceed automatically without any action required from you.

WinToHDD facilitates a fast and easy Windows installation process. All that is required is to install the WinToHDD software, followed by the ISO file, and the software will automatically install the Windows operating system onto the computer.

Wishing you the best of luck with your implementation!