The Klipsch Fives have hit the market strong! With Bluetooth connectivity, auto input switching, and HDMI ARC, could this be the best sounding wireless speaker on the market? Check out The Fives here –


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My Home Theater Photos & Videos:
Theater Room Video Tour-
Custom Cabinet Build Thread –
7.2.4 Dolby Atmos Build Thread –
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Nguồn Youtube: Klipsch The Fives with Audio Demo – Heritage Style with Modern Day Features

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44 thoughts on “Klipsch The Fives with Audio Demo – Heritage Style with Modern Day Features

  1. Guitariste Metal says:

    Thanks for your review. I am thinking to get the Fives and maybe a subwoofer, such as a Spl 120. Price will the same as RP8000F with an AVR. Is it worth ? Does the fives with a sub may equal the RP8000F sound quality at around 90% ? I would like to keep my next settings quite simple and just enjoy it !

  2. Tony Greif says:

    They really went cheap on the "proprietary" 4 pin microphone plug for the passive speaker, and changing the wood base for a $0.15 piece of thin cork. I do like the grill update, without the controls on the bottom, although that toggle switch on The Sixes sure was cool, but the controls being on top will allow a ton of dust to get inside and into the electronics will more than likely cause static issues later on. The Sixes also have a PC style electrical plug which allows you to use a heavy audiophile power cord like a LessLoss DFPC. Both models could use a serious upgrade from the 4 pin "CB radio" speaker connects. I don't think i could go from The Sixes to these, they are beautiful speakers and sound great, but i would love to see these with the same power connection, wood base, and no top controls…also, seeing two round metal objects poking out of the top of a nice vintage-ish cabinet ruins it for me.
    Then again, i would love to see The Sixes with these grills.

  3. Maozuka says:

    Where I am from, stocks have been hard to come around, however, I was lucky able to snag a pre-order yesterday and will be arriving mid of nexth month. Would the R-100SW be a good pair for these bad boys?

  4. shemsureshot says:

    Can anyone recommend a good sub for the Fives? I need something slim in size or compact. As a point of reference the subs available for Klipsch are too big for the space I have as this will be going into a small office style room. It’s a shame the Sonos Sub 3 can’t connect to these as I have one of those and know how much it improved my Arc.

  5. Robert Holloway says:

    Hi there, I’m not sure that music played through my iPad pro to my air pod pros can let me know how speakers sound. I’m genuinely excited by these speakers, but would more value your opinion. Thanks so much. Sent with loving kindness.


    I love speakers of Sony BDV-N9200W because they are magnetic fluid and neodymium built. But I feel disappointed in this system due to 5.1 limited.
    So, I am requesting your reply to my idea to use speakers and subwoofer with some other av receiver which supports Atmos.

  7. Dane Moreno says:

    These are a awesome option for someone that doesn’t want a full system but dosen’t want a sound bar even more awesome you can hook up any sub too it and the phono capabilities outstanding!! E arc is really nice too They really outdid themselves on this one I believe they have a good alternative

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