Today I review ‘The Sixes’ by Klipsch. This is a pair of self-powered bookshelf speakers that kick butt!! Check out the review and the audio demos: Call Cory to buy The Sixes today!

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46 thoughts on “Klipsch The Sixes Review | Best Bluetooth Speakers Ever!

  1. João Humberto Braz says:

    I bought one, thanks for the review, it was really important for me! As a lot of reviews say, they are really sensitive to position, they need a large separation and space behind them, otherwise the sound will get overhighs and muddy lows. And about the bass, it is really good for music, but you need to be in the sweet stop so you can hear the more low end bass, i don't know why, just know it ts. And for movies i think they miss bass, of course, so think about a sub if you really want the house shaking. The maximum volume i put them was 40, it is really, really loud, i live in 8th floor and on 40 it can be heard down there, more then that i didn't tested because i'm afraid what's gonna happen haha. But it is a really good speaker overall, but keep in mind that you trouble to integrate to a 5.1 system, you will need to put them in another place, sell it, or buy one of those expensive receivers with pre out front, i'm my country those are really rare and expensive, so i consider it a negative point, but for 2.0 or 2.1 is totally perfect

  2. David Martindell says:

    I see your recommendation on the subwoofer, curious why you wouldn't recommend one of the Klipsch wireless subs. In particular the reference wireless sub, RW-100SW. Is this a good option or could you explain why I should or shouldn't go with that sub?

  3. closer47 says:

    Just a couple of issues here are you failed to mention the cosmetic flaw on the left channel (the veneer was pinched to the right of the speaker) this is an obvious flaw you should’ve pointed out. Your review never mentions output in watts, output capability in decibels dB, or even a spec for signal to noise ratio. The other elements of the review were good.

  4. Leseli Khanye says:

    I've auditioned these and they sound amazing. I would buy them but have one fear.

    Speakers taken care of last forever but not Amps. What happens if the amplifier dies or one of the components.

    Does klipch service? Please advise

  5. Sandro Nguyễn says:

    Just bought a pair this Christmas and I gotta say it's awesome. The bass is powerful and clean, the mid and treble is generally detailed and crips, a versatile pair of speakers for multi purposes.
    I just notice 1 little problem, the bluetooth connection is kinda hit or miss. Sometimes it just wouldn't make any sound and the bluetooth light keeps blinking although it is already "connected" with my phone.
    I found the solution anyway, just unplug the power cord then plug in again, not a deal breaker or anything but still a bit annoying at times.

  6. Sean Omight says:

    If youre going to pay that much. They better sound fucking fantastic, and top of the line. Js. That's something you save for unless you have money like that. So yeah. Better be worth dropping that much on 2 speakers.

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