It was time for a new AV Receiver, so I got an upgrade! The Denon AVRX2600H is a brand new 4K, Dolby Atmos/Dolby Vision receiver which is perfect for my home theater. Check out my unboxing and review!

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Nguồn Youtube: New 4K AV Receiver! | Denon AVR-X2600H Review and Unboxing

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37 thoughts on “New 4K AV Receiver! | Denon AVR-X2600H Review and Unboxing

  1. Mike Gratis says:

    Enjoyed the video. After 8-9 years of loving my Onkyo TX-NR609, it's been having HDMI & power-off issues, so looking at my options for a replacement, and Denon is certainly at the top of my list.

  2. munchy 22 says:

    i own the 2600h as my friend and reviewers biged it up. my issues are first i have to keep it on the older firmware as it doesnt work with my xbox one s if i update it when it comes to hdr and 4k.

    even with the latest software, and the oldest, going into settings for audio and selecting options in the ref area sometimes kicks hdr off and i end up haveing to select a different hdmi and back again for it to return hdr.

    lastly and i feel this is a big miss by denon, it doesnt work with my google plasy player as i cant send over by blue tooth my playlists. instead i have to use heos and creat new playlists. why in this day and age cant it just do both. let me cast via blue tooth my music on my android phone by google or any other player with blue tooth suport?

    yes the sou7nd is awsome but its far from the perfect bug free experience and it isnt the exellent everyone says, not till it allws the basic us of bluetooth on a phone and not push heos and sort out the kind of bugs i asumed a 500 pound amp would not have.

    part of me withes i tried the sony one but hey too late now.

    voice operastions with my harmony work great with it and yeh sound is amazing. but it needs to be a smater device

    just a warning all those google play playlists you have get ready to remake them on the dennon amps.

    8/10 is a very fair rating as sound on my 2600h is great but the bugs and heos take at least 2 poiunts off. if i was a music lover id be giing this amp a 6/10, luckly im a movie guy so its a 8.. And heos works well when you realise to add a song to a playlist you have to open playlist tell it to play from phone, then make sure you press play now and replace que. then go to the song you want to add and play now. then save plaYLIST. ITS STUPID ITS ANOYING AND BECAUSE IM STUPID IT TOOK ME A FEW WEEKS TO CLICK ON HOW TO DO IT. WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER IF I COULD HAVE JUST PAIRED MY PHONE to the denon amp and played my playlists or songs directly but dennon doesnt let you do that because oftheir badly made heos app. i know theres alot of denon fans out there and yes i never heard a bad review but be warned if like you you want songs from your phone to go directly to the denon amplifiers it wont . At their prices it should.

    im saying this for al;l new buyers to be aware as no one else is saying this stuff and truthfully if all people do is tell you the positives denon whos 2600h i like alot is not gona impliment the missing basic features that in 2020 really shouldnt hell 2017 they really shouldnt be missing. its like buying a new sports car with no bluetooth or usb port.

  3. Dave Goodman says:

    I purchased this receiver about 2 months ago along with some (low end I know) Onkyo Dolby Atmos speakers. I havent gotten round to setting it all up yet but yesterday I was tempted to sell the lot and purchase the new Sonos Arc soundbar and build the sub/rear speakers additions in coming time. My lounge isn't huge and is cluttered (140yr old victorian house in England). However I just happened to come upon your review and it made me realise the Sonos bar can't even come close to what this Receiver can achieve and has restored my faith in my original purchases, so I intend to keep my receiver and speakers and hopefully soon rig it all up. So I thank you for a pleasant and very honest review and for restoring my faith.

  4. Niv Vig says:

    Does anyone know how many arc hdmis this receiver has? 1 or 2?
    Basically I want to know how many hdmi slots does it have which has the capability of using a hdmi cable to transmit sound to the receiver from the TV / projector etc.

  5. G H says:

    I have an Amazon FireStick I plugged into my Vizio (HDMI ARC) connection, turned on ARC on my VIZIO, plugged the HDMI through a transmit balon via Cat5, then into a receive balon, HDMI to HDMI (eArc) out. …. no sound. Any suggestions?

  6. gbkits33 says:

    Hi there! I just bought this receiver . If i want to play only stereo (not suround) throu my speakers only for music…in which 2 outputs do i connect my speakers ? Fronts ?
    Thank you in advance!
    Thank you in advance

  7. Viper 1171 says:

    For Xbox One to output Dolby Atmos you need to set up in the settings of the Xbox for Digital output to be Dolby Atmos & you need to download the Dolby Atmos app/software, for those that have this setup and wonder why their Denon AVR X2600H won't show Dolby Atmos on the display when using an Xbox One as a Blu-ray player.

  8. Viper 1171 says:

    My AVR X2600H just arrived 3 days ago and so far I am very pleased with my first Denon purchase. The sound is fantastic, been tweaking it over the past few days to my liking. My only complaint is I wish the remote light up for night time viewing. One important tip, I found an android app NOT made by Denon and it's free and offers more features and functions. It's sad that Denon wants $20 for full features and someone made a better app with full functionality for free.

  9. Chris Jones says:

    Have you, or anyone else, tried the Atmos height virtualization using just 5.1 speaker configuration? I just got the s750h model and cannot find the option for that. The unit, and Denon's website, says that the firmware is up to date. What an I missing?

  10. Alan Roberts says:

    Super easy setup yes. But after a couple of year s it's still a beast to operate. The radio station I like keeps disappearing. Nearly impossible to get blue ray/DVD to behave.
    But the sound and power is very good along with tone controls on front of unit

  11. Geoff Leff says:

    What Sony receiver did you have before? I have a Sony STR-DN1080 and i'm thinking of upgrading to the Denon AVRX2600H for the extra features, but don't want to go backwards in sound quality. Also, do you have a button on the remote to view the bitrate and source on the screen. Just curious.

  12. Adrian Murray says:

    Having had a Pioneer and a Sony amp previously, we went the whole hog and bought a new Sony Oled AG9 tv, Denon amp and a Panasonic 4k blu ray player as our Sony player packed up.
    The Denon is an absolute beast and the sound quality is fantastic and dialogue is crisp and clear.
    A vast improvement on the Sony amp, which was good, but this is in a different league
    Excellent review by the way

  13. AHS Society says:

    All these amps look the same. I remember my first amp inherited from my Uncle– A Rotel. Amps back then were METAL. We meters that had lights and moved. expensive badges. Today they are all the same. My new cheap cheap Denon looks no different from this expensive model.SAME. I could buy this and my wife would never know it cost 4 times the money.

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