Rufus error: Can’t extract ISO image for USB Boot creation. How to fix it?

During the process of installing Windows operating system or other software using USB, you will encounter errors such as not being able to enter Boot Option, error when booting USB Boot into Windows installation, screen standing error, etc. And in the article In this, we will show you how to fix ISO image extraction failure when creating USB Boot using Rufus.

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Method 1:

Firstly, we will verify the files and USB to ensure accuracy.

Could you please relocate both the .ISO file and the Rufus software to the computer’s main screen (Desktop)? After that, kindly disable the anti-virus software and assess if the USB connector is intact.

Please attempt plugging the USB into a different socket and proceed to recreate the USB Boot. Should the error persist, please follow the subsequent steps.

Method 2:

Step 1:

We proceed to verify the integrity of the .ISO file using the following method.

The cause of this error could be attributed to software or programs downloaded from the Internet, which may have issues such as slow file transfer speed or website errors. Therefore, it is advisable to recheck the .ISO file for any potential problems or errors that occurred during the download. If any errors are identified, it is recommended to download the .ISO file once again and create a new USB boot. However, if no problems are found, you can proceed with the next steps.

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Step 2:

After that, we will proceed with creating a USB Boot following the Legacy standard. If you are unsure how to do it, you can refer to the article titled “Instructions on USB Boot creation and Windows installation using the Universal USB Installer”.


Method 3:

If you have attempted the methods and steps mentioned above without any success, you can try using a different USB and repeating the process of booting from the USB. Another option is to take the software and USB to another computer to accomplish the task.

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Wishing you success!