Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan will be giving a talk on current Indian politics, and how the citizens can get involved towards positive change. He will discuss recent positive changes in Indian politics, and the difficulties in making political changes.

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan is a noted Indian politician, social reformer and columnist. He is the President of Lok Satta Party and currently a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Andhra Pradesh. He is also a former Indian public administrator. He is well known for his role in bringing electoral reforms and for his columns on democracy in leading Indian daily newspapers.

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  1. sshiv mate

    ammerpet lo course lu నేర్చుకుని computer వుద్యోగాలు వెలగబెడుతున్న యెంతమంది ఇంత బాగా english మాట్లాడగలరు

  2. Sreekar Reddy

    He is an top ranked MBBS and (resigned) ex-IAS who worked really hard to the best of his abilities for the betterment of people. I watch his videos on key issues all the time (he speaks in Telugu in many interviews for local channels) for "unbiased" opinion. He appreciates Modi/KCR/Babu/Jagan for good and criticises them for bad things. True patriot and karma yogi.

  3. Right libertarian

    Infrastructure is the basic need, and the current government has actually given it a boost.
    Anyways,I like your ideology

  4. Vidya Sree Talluri

    Huge applauds from bottom of my heart sir,such an ocean of knowledge you have…we,the people of a.p were extremely lucky to have a politician with such an outstanding visionary for the nation,but it's very much unfortunate that we were not ruled by you.you might not turn as a leader in politics,but was definitely a legendary leader.
    "One first needs to be an intellectual to understand the intellectuality of others"
    The saying has proven now.
    "The diamond won't be valued,till it is in the soil,but costs millions in showroom"..it is the value of soil that makes diamond worthless,but not the diamond

    Feeling immensely proud sir

  5. Lakkamsetty umamaheswararao

    Ground level baga leka potha emi chaih lemu endhuku inthamandi MLAs and MPs, India Lo present technology challa abhivrudhi chendindi ,manakhu good hospitality, education, skill developement, work chupistha challu tinaleni biyani echi upayogam leni padakallu petti black money earn chestuntaru villa powers ni and members taginchi and transperancy unta automatic ga accountability tho prethi oka politician work chestaru other wise india will become next africa ,when corruption will increase and it increases the peoples poverty and decreases the indian economy in world.revoult againist politician public lo start iyitha challu government will bend down for the people, Politician know the gandhi ji in currency notes they never follow the gandhis policy and philosophy but they will follow the currency notes ,Politicians are no.1 scoundrals in india 🙏

  6. surya gayatri

    You are a Great leader sir ..Wish to see you as a victorious leader taking charge soon to dissolve corruption..Best wishes and regards to you sir..🙏🏻🌹🌸🌺☺️

  7. Venkateswarlu Kavuluri

    And this is a speach by him 10 yrs back ! Hard to believe !!
    I hope all the pointers are taken into consideration by our PM modi ji.

  8. Balakrishnam raju

    Election day special leave all Government so that day lot of business Effect in MNC company lot of money. I am not against holiday but all of Employee not one day so many problems facing Business man like M. D My any decision please business man also all of world main part role industries list Business man not played role in the Government so many problems facing and Every worker most important Ground stong you fact growth any where world Growth fast please focus low level issues all

  9. Balakrishnam raju

    And update teachnoly Election commission on line vote like person tell you Election booth person my this party like what's up video online tell you coming to villages and town any where person tell you nearest telephone booth my vote this party very Easily so many people not use vote on line any where vote app please discuss all political partys and Election commission special app very security app and after complete the Election Election commission cross check voter list and feed back and implement Election commission rule if not change rule not use Government policy Ground people

  10. Balakrishnam raju

    Google Employees spread loksata how to work please tell you family and public people not only lokasatta any support public problem all of world

  11. BH. RAJESH NAIDU my savior

    Oka doctor oka public administrator but manamu money ki adict ayyi mana bhadhalu manamey koni thechikuntunamu