What are some common problems with metal roofing? Learn the ins and outs of metal roofing by downloading your free Metal Roofing Buyer’s Guide eBook …

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  1. The Metal Roofing Channel

    If you're thinking about buying a metal roof and want to understand the process from start to finish including the 7 problems talked about in this video, comparisons of roofing materials, cost, and more, download your FREE Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide EBook using the link below. Take it from me, it's the most comprehensive buyer's guide for metal roofing out there. Never stop learning!
    -Thad http://bit.ly/metal-roofing-buyers-guide-ebook-download-now

  2. wahzit2u

    Geez, if I had seen this before we got our metal roof we would have never gotten it. Find a reputable builder/roofer and check them out very thoroughly. Once they tell you which company's metal they use for metal roofing, check out that company then call them and find out how they feel about your local roofing company. A metal roof is expensive, but it it is done right you only have to put it on once. We love our metal roof. It is worth pursuing.

  3. Sam Slocombe

    Simple solution to all of the problems of metal roofs: Choose a quality company, to install a high quality architectural, asphalt laminate shingle roof. Much more cost effective, and getting it serviced (if needed) is much easier and cheaper down the road.

  4. Caleb Mixer

    Curious if Galvalume is better for rusting why does galvanized have a 15 year edge rust warranty in Galvalume offers nothing. Just wondering I see roofs 50+ years old and they are galvanized and not resting but I see galvalume that is five years old and rusty

  5. Dr Chan

    so the main thing is DON'T hire a nob head to Instal ya roof & gutters, if ya do get a metal roof instaled video them and tell them you're making a YouTube video. and DON'T SIGN anything until your HAPPY with it.

  6. Me Me

    This is what the Director at the Canadian Roofing Association has to say about Hy-Grade (CRCA): "I will say that I have researched this company – Hy-Grade Roofing – and did not take me long to find several complaints and bad reviews with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). These types of complaints would have been enough for me to pass on this contractor. I see many issues and complaints related to the many ‘Metal Roofing Companies’ who promise the world to the customer, then don’t follow through when it’s time to enforce the warranty or get issues rectified…" Not even the CRCA would use you as a contractor. I invite all potential customer to contact the CRCA before signing with Hy-grade!

  7. MIke Petrilli

    Just had Hy Grade Roofing install a metal roof at my house. Worst decision I could have made. They promised to install the roof in 4-6 weeks, of course they were late. When they finally showed up without the proper equipment and damaged my property. They are really proud of the “Quality Audit” that they do, but of course they won’t give you a copy of the audit…lol BTW -the “Quality Audit” they did at my house consisted of 2 guys coming over to pickup the leftover junk they left at my house for a month. They never even went up on the roof! Save your money use someone else!

  8. Alpro Sheet Metal

    When steel companies create videos like this I always think they just want to position themselves to sell more material. Some good information though guys!

  9. Balake Siveiter

    There is a clear plastic wrapping over my metal roof that is being installed causing it to be a different color than I expected, will this be removed after the installation is finished?

  10. jeremy bryant

    Biggest problem I see installing is sheets are stacked you have to be very careful taking one piece off the stack because if it drug off scratches tend to show up

  11. Colton Young

    you do not have to go away from flat standing seem panels to prevent oil canning. you simply use backer rod underneath the middle of the panel.

  12. Craig Carmichael

    I thought the worst problem (besides leaks) was condensation on the underside, but I didn't hear you mention it. Love galv-alum. What about screws on the crests versus in the flat valleys? Am I dating myself – it seems to me that was once considered the "right" way to do it, since even a leaky screw won't let in a serious amount of water?

  13. Mrdubomb

    With all these problems of bad contractors,people should be making sure any serious amount of money spent would spend some time in escrow until verified that it was done properly. I can see this being the new normal in a few years as the "dumbing down" of our society increases.

  14. William Briere

    I had metal roof for 30 years it is best I ever had, I never worried if snow would pile up, it will just go off my roof easily and a great fire prevent. I would recommend metal roof to everyone. especially for rural dwellers.

  15. bryant whitis

    The moral of this story is the cheap come out expensive buy the top quality up front that way it last without potential quality issues. Thanks

  16. Gary Heaton

    In less than a minute you said they scratch it from traveling..??..on them..you mean walking?? THEN you say to check it once or TWICE a year! Just how do you check the roof without "traveling" on it?
    Also, no matter how careful you are..they WILL drop tools and scratch your roof!! And YOUR supposed to find these scratches and then fix it with a paint pen??? Are you serious??? It's not a small scratch on a car finish that you dab some paint on..then put two to four coats of wax on every year. It's supposed to be a roof!
    Is this guy a salesman for this company? I hope not..or you will be broke in two years! I wouldn't buy water from this guy if I were in the desert!

  17. Gary Heaton

    Just exactly HOW does a roof get "Over Whelmed" with Rain water? Isn't that EXACTLY what ROOFING is there to STOP?
    So what your saying is, the roofs you sell are thin crap and WRINKLE (oil canning..what the hell does that even mean..) and don't use them where it might rain hard? Or the sun may get hot? The installers ALL suck, and everything is THEIR fault? Don't forget to MAINTAIN it too! About cover it?
    Give me some good 50 year architectural shingles, and a great water barrier under it..and I will reroof it in 30 years..and SAVE 2/3 of the price of one of these things.
    I ALWAYS wanted a steel roof…I figured no more roof worries..EVER!! Boy, was I ever wrong!

  18. Mike

    Love the screw illustrations. They are in the FLAT of the panel, where the water is. Should be in the RIBS. Major fail of an illustration!

  19. Diana Prince

    so the customer pays a fortune for work, and then is supposed to get up on the roof every season to check if the roofers did the job they were paid for, this is some shit!

  20. plas reyna

    your oil canning lecture . confused me. why not say " thin metal panels tend to oil can if not installed right. "? thank you for the info.

  21. Frank Guzman

    This video Seems to me as nothing but a futile attempt from conventional Roofers trying to keep their trade and profits growing, their focus is primarily on bad install practices not so much on the superior product! Thanks to this transparent video I’m going with a metal roof. Good job guys.