Christie Barnes, M.D., UNMC College of Medicine

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  1. Gabbi Monte

    I know right I've been breathing out one nose for about 2 months now and if he is like a normally breathing but I still hate the fact that I'm not breathing out of one nose so finally I found a video

  2. trueGrizzlesFAN22

    If I can help someone here it goes. I tried everything to improve my breathing thru BOTH of my nostril. I been breathing thru one nostril for 6 months now and life been a struggle. If you having this issue, you know what I am saying. I went to see a ENT specialists and I was given the typical steroids and nasal spray (Fluticasone ). It didn't help at all. I bought a humidifier, nasal strips and net pot.. humidifier didn't work. Net pot and strips did clear my passages airway SOMETIMES but it still felt like I was breathing thru one nostril.. UNTIL on June 9th around 3pm.. I was in dollar general and decide to buy nasal spray but a different brand .. it called Rexall extra moisturizing in a orange box… I gave it a tried and immediately I can breathe thru BOTH nostril. I took a nap and woke up around 10pm and I slept good. Probably the best nap in a long time. I don't even care I slept to early which why I am writing this post at 1am (June 10th).. I can breathe again. I don't know if this temporary but I will keep everyone updated.. Rexall nasal Spray work. I will post this comment on several similar video to see if I can help someone.. I am not a doctor but this was my experience…

  3. GokuXPoku

    I'm confused. I breathe out my left nostril for like 5 minutes then 5 for my right. I've never been able to use both at the same time. Is that normal?

  4. caleb

    Started about a year ago, still have trouble breathing through my right nostril and feels so hard to get air flow at times, i did this procedure thinking it would help. For the first month maybe i felt a minor difference but i feel like its gone back to more or less the same, it sucks because at times it causes anxiety and with this covid now world it sucks even worse. Even at some times i can breathe good on the right but the left nostril acts up. It’s literally the weirdest thing ever, anyone else here relate ? If so i feel like this is rare af, i cant remember the last time i breathed normally 🙁 tomorrow i have an appointment with another specialist to see what he thinks

  5. Eidrian Angcaya

    So that's why only one side has air coming out if I cover the part where the air is coming out it will switch to the other side

  6. Shaina Calma

    How I can fix this, I can breath on my left nostril but no quite on my right and I can only feel air only on left. And when I sleep it’s hard to breath when I lay down
    Edit: lmao I’m back from 4 months I don’t have the problem anymore.

  7. al norrie

    It looks and feels like a layer of skin blocking my right nostril, please can anyone give me advice what to do instead of going to an expensive doctor??

  8. Liliananan

    i needed this video i can’t sleep at night because i have anxiety and i feel like i’m gonna stop breathing even tho it’s only one side