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The story of the woman that would become Empress Ki, and her struggles as she worked her way through war, political conspiracies, and the imperial palace to become Empress of China. This Korean Drama re-imagines the historical figure as a fierce, independent woman who goes to extreme lengths to protect those she loves.

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Psychological, CostumeActor:
Ji Chang Wook, Ha Ji Won, Cha Kwang SooDirector:
Lee Sung Joon, Han HeeCountry:
KoreaDuration: 1h 0m minQuality: HDRelease: 2013IMDb: 0.8/10

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Empress Ki is a South Korean historical drama television series that was first aired on October 28, 2013, and ran until April 29, 2014. The series is based on the life and reign of Empress Ki, who was one of the most influential women in the history of the Goryeo Dynasty. The show was directed by Han Hee and Kim Yeong-jo, and the cast included Ha Ji-won in the lead role of Empress Ki, along with Joo Jin-mo and Ji Chang-wook in the roles of Goryeo King Wang Yoo and Yuan Emperor Huizong, respectively.

Empress Ki is a beautifully crafted story of love, power, and intrigue set against the backdrop of ancient Korea and China. The series revolves around a young woman named Ki Seung-nyang, who was born into a noble family of Koryeo. However, in a twist of fate, she was taken captive as a child and forced to live under the Yuan dynasty. Ki Seung-nyang is a strong character with an unyielding spirit, and she quickly rises to the top and becomes one of the most influential women of her time.

Throughout the series, viewers are taken on an epic journey as Ki Seung-nyang navigates the dangerous political landscape of ancient Korea and China. She uses all her wit and cunning to amass power, defeat her enemies, and ultimately become the Empress of Yuan. Empress Ki is a gripping story of love and betrayal, filled with complex characters who face unimaginable challenges in their quest for power, wealth, and influence.

The series is known for its stunning cinematography, incredible costumes, and exceptional acting. Ha Ji-won delivers a powerful, charismatic performance as the Empress Ki, and her chemistry with Joo Jin-mo and Ji Chang-wook is electrifying. The show has received critical acclaim and has become one of the most popular historical dramas in South Korea. Empress Ki is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys epic historical dramas filled with intrigue, romance, and action.

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