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Drama series follows the conflict between King Yeongjo and Crown Prince Sado. King Yeongjo pursues strong royal authority, while Crown Prince Sado insists on equality for all.

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Information about the movie Secret Door

Drama, History, CostumeActor:
Han Suk-Kyu, Lee Je-Hoon, Park Eun-BinDirector:
Kim Hyeong-SikCountry:
KoreaDuration: 1h 0m minQuality: HDRelease: 2014IMDb: 0.8/10

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Introduce Secret Door movie

Secret Door is a historical drama film that was released in 2014. The movie depicts the turbulent times of the late Joseon Dynasty in Korea, during the reign of King Yeongjo. The film opens with a brilliant historical context that sets the tone for the rest of the story.

Secret Door is a tale of power, politics, and moral dilemmas. It reveals the dark and desperate situation that the Joseon Dynasty faced at the time, with its internal conflicts, social unrest, and the ever-present threat of colonialism from its neighboring countries. While the film follows the drama at the royal court, it also delves deeper into the personal dilemmas and challenges faced by the characters.

The story revolves around the relationship between King Yeongjo and his son Crown Prince Sado. The two are caught in a complex web of political intrigue, betrayals, and life-altering decisions. While King Yeongjo is a strong, pragmatic ruler, Crown Prince Sado is a kind-hearted but increasingly erratic nobleman. Their relationship, strained by the king’s wisdom and the prince’s impetuousness, reaches a point of no return when an incident forces them to confront their deepest fears and secrets.

The Secret Door is a movie that conveys a story about principle and honor. It talks about the real conflict between a father and a son, the power of love, and the fight against oppression. It signifies the triumph of humanity over the system, the triumph of the conscience over the mere concept of law, and the victory of humanist principles over power. To fully come to grips with this incredible story of love, power, and betrayal, it is imperative to watch Secret Door.

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